This mindset coming back sooner than the games will.

MLB players want full pay for a partial season.  Great thinking, guys. Maybe you should call some dudes who played after the 1994-1995 strike and ask them how the fans reacted.  The NHL is gonna have some crazy convoluted 24-team playoff on Fantasy Island or something. Not sure what the NBA is up to. And football is going to happen.

If only…

Cowboy legend Wild Bill Hickok was born on this day.  He shares it with horror legend Vincent Price, failed presidential nominee Hubert Humphrey, golf great Sam Snead, novelist Herman Wouk, actor Christopher Lee, scumbag (and Nobel laureate, of course) Henry Kissinger, wrestling promoter Eric Bischoff, musician Siouxsie Sioux, headcase and soccer player Paul Gascoigne, and baseball players Frank Thomas and Jeff Bagwell.

Nice list there. Now on to…the links!

That’s not how you should apologize, goon.

Riots in Minneapolis. Smoke bombs, tear gas. The works.  I just hope the protesters get some masks…the kind that repel tear gas…and keep on keeping on. And by “keeping on”, I mean I hope they burn the police precinct to the ground. Because, you know, the cops literally murdered a guy.

Sure, lady. Go with that. See how far it gets you.  Next you’ll tell us he went up there, when you refused to let others do the same, to just rake leaves.  Oh wait…you did.

I hope this happens. But I don’t have confidence it’s little more than a campaign stunt. Because Trump promised this when he ran four years ago and it still hasn’t happened.

I guess this is important. I’m curious if she’s a Canadian citizen, by the way. Because if she is, donating to those campaigns is a crime.

Here’s the most underreported story of the day. Sad, because it’s one of the most important developments.  I hope this bill finally fails and the entire program dies a horrid, ugly death. But I know it won’t.

Never apologize. That’s going full retard.

Oh, for the love of God, DON’T FREAKING APOLOGIZE!!!!! Just don’t do it. Because you can never satisfy the mob.

I’ve got just one bit of advice: don’t shit where you eat. In this case, it bears repeating. Since, you know, it’s legal to do both in the same place.

Get a load of this jackoff. That’s it. That’s the story.

“May 26, 2020” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well. But that’s ok. Few lyrics do. Great song.

That’s it, folks. Go have a great day.