The wife and I got a new bedframe today. I have yet to assemble it. I guess I should do that before bedtime, eh? That old one was wore out. Probably from being moved 4 times, or making 3 kids. Might even talk her into breaking it in. Hopefully, this buys me at least a week of peace about the sleep situation. Pregnant wife never seems to sleep well. Only 3 months to go before the tiny, loud  poop-factory reminds us every three hours that he his hungry.

You’ve heard of Black Irish, this guy has a plan to create a city of Yellow Irish.

Florida Man goes full-on PPP fraud, buys Lambo.

A step-forward in the fight against Dark Matter. My pet-peeve, Dark Matter Theory is simpler, annoys the shit out of me. It depends on the existence of a class of particles that have never been observed and only inferred through the theory.

Who doesn’t want a 60-foot Gundam suit?