Afternoon everybody. I have to link and dash today. Taking my older boy to the Ninja Gym. Apparently, not the one run by the ephebophile American Ninja Warrior guy from FL. Kidding, this is run by a whole family who has been on the show. Its good for his grip strength and coordination, and all of the female trainers look like gymnasts, so I’m enthusiastic about taking my turn on this parenting assignment.

This guy just needs to turn in his man card. He will never live down being saved from a shark attack by his pregnant wife. Mrs. L took one look at that and said, “I don’t love you that much. You’d be dead if that was us.”

So I think I found the “based on real events” story for Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ 2. In Soviet Russia… Christ still needs to watch his back.

How DARE they! Just kidding. I’m loving it.

Looks like Louisville is about to undergo some natural urban renewal. Just like forests, cities need a good burning every century or so to keep them vibrant.