I’m less and less interested in trying to write little intros here since, jesus, the news. I mean, how do you do an opening act for an actual freakshow? I can’t- it’s like following SugarFree.

I can still do Birthdays, though, including one of my favorite character actresses; a leading lady in many of the same films; and yet one more remarkable actress; the Catholic Jeffrey Epstein; an actor who might as well be an actress; breaking the pattern, a superb guitarist and a genuinely nice guy; the Pride of Butte, Montana; a guy who played electric guitar and was afraid of electricity; my favorite Normie; and the best filmmaker, satirist, and animator EVER.

Let’s news out.


Cry harder, pussy.


Hey, a ho’s gotta ho.


Twittergate continues.


“An ideal Supreme Court justice would be deeply knowledgeable, activist, and progressive regarding policy issues.”


Modern journalism: Rewriting union press releases.


Unfortunately, none of the drug warriors were injured or killed.


Old Guy Music is just… fun. Birthday Boy and Herb Ellis rock out- I saw those guys live together dozens of times and they were wonderfully entertaining.