This Halloween, instead of gathering up adult diapers from the dumpster outside a nursing home to lob at your MAGA flag neighbors with an enormous slingshot, celebrate the return of the dead walking the earth in STYLE….or don’t.  Its really up to you.  There’s no judgement here.

This is my review of Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale

Through a, lets just call it brief, discussion with other Glibertariati, here is this year’s top suggestions:

#7:  The Plague/Corona/Commie/CCP/China Virus, the virus that came from Chy-na:

I know what you’re thinking, this is too obvious?  I want to show off my mail order bride?

Not a problem, #7a is for you.  Slutty Plague/Corona/Commie/CCP/China Virus, the virus that came from Chy-na:

#6 John MacAfee:

Bonus points if you are shirtless, wearing dual pistols in shoulder holsters and high on cocaine.

#5 Mostly peaceful protestor: legal disclaimer:  Do so at your own risk.

#4 The AT&T Girl.

#4a Indignant AT&T Girl:

Dress like this, then complain people on Twitter want to talk about your “milkies.”

#3 Uncle Joe victim

#2 ZOOM Teacher

Especially useful if you are a K-6 teacher with an OnlyFans.

Finally #1……

Dissent: Nothing in the Constitution forbids a judge from prolonging a lifetime appointment with the use of implantable medical technology…

…which is fine, because it means we can keep Gorsuch—FOREVER.


Shipyard makes a pretty decent pumpkin ale.  Its a bit heavy on the cinnamon and nutmeg, low on vanilla but was in the 6-7% abv range if I recall.  I like it anyways.  Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale:  3.8/5