It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks. Slavers are running in overdrive and people are starting to get fucking tired of being run by slavers. Thanksgiving is under a legal cloud and turkeys everywhere are rejoicing. The clown show in DC continues, and it’s both destructive and entertaining. I can’t decide whether to shit or wind my wristwatch. So… whatever.

Administrative Notice: Please get your Thanksgiving recipes submitted! We don’t want to make SP cry.

Birthdays today include a steamy guy; a guy who always looked good in a uniform; a guy who made me what I am today; one of the American Holy Trinity; another great American artist, with much emphasis on “American”; a guy who would be fully at home in the modern Democrat Party; a woman who could rock an eyepatch and you wouldn’t know it; a guy who was only a wee bit crazy; a truly influential guy who became a less influential gal; one of my personal heroes and a damn nice guy who has disappointed me a bit; a horse-faced moron who is giving his mom a reason to not die; one of Team Red’s many sexist racist homophobic politicians; and a moray eel attached to Obama’s anus.

Time for the news!


It’s always the Number 2 guy. We seem to settle for mediocrity.


…and then he killed another 10,000 nursing home residents.


Why, this appears to be SugarFree’s day.


Spikes the ball and takes a victory lap.


Panic Porn Punishes Pussies.


We have our own deBlasio here.


Old Guy Music this week is a something a bit tragic and introspective, verging on depressing, but fuck, what a great song. And it really shows off how terrific Matt’s voice is.