Brett L

I would have read more this month, but I tore the pages out of my books to roll into cylinders so I could snort coke off a mirror. It’s done me good, I’ve lost ten pounds. It’s Diet Coke.

mexican sharpshooter

This month I managed to read The Night Before Christmas.  A tale of home invasion.


Nobody gave me shit to read for Christmas. So I immersed myself in several long manuals for software. Pro tip: don’t bother reading software manuals. Oh, and a totally geeky magic book. You wouldn’t like it.


I’m all about pizza, as anyone who knows me IRL can attest.

This month I’ve been revisiting some of the pizza-specific cookbooks I own. So as not to be totally nerdy, I’ll just tell you about one today.

The Pizza Bible by Tony Gemignani

We stopped by his place Pizza Rock in Las Vegas last May, and the pizza was very good. Sadly, we had to do take-out and we agreed that it was probably an even better product straight out of the oven.

(The menu item I really fell in love with was the Italian fries. Seriously delicious.)

But back to the book. If you want to up your pizza game, it’s worth checking out. The first section of the book is titled “The Master Class” and he does a very good job taking you through the why and how of making outstanding dough, then on through the entire pizza-making process to serving. It’s perfect for a pizza geek, or anyone who would like to become one.

The rest of the book is devoted to recipes for nearly every kind of pizza you could ever want to make, from Regional American to Regional Italian, Grilled, Wrapped and Rolled and on and on.

Definitely worth the price.

(Now I want pizza instead of the lasagna I am making today. *sigh*)


I finished up the Fafred and Grey Mouser series by Fritz Leiber. I became a bit unfocused after that, reading a few more of the Destroyer series in my re-read of the Warren and Sapir-written books. Then a sharp turn then took me to Justine, or The Misfortunes of Virtue by the Marquis de Sade. It good to hang out with the old pervert on occasion. His imagination for degradation is oddly freeing; there truly is nothing new under the sun.


I’ve read a surprising amount since the last time I contributed to this! Starting off with Peace Talks and Battle Ground by Jim Butcher, the two latest and greatest installments of “How Are Harry and Co. Gonna Get Out of This One?” No spoilers, of course, but I thought these were fine additions to the Dresden Files. And I already can’t wait for the next one, like some kind of cocaine laced potato chip. I also started and completed the entire Iron Druid Chronicles, which felt like a faster, glibber Dresden Files, honestly. Bigger baddies, more unstoppable forces meeting immovable objects more frequently, greater fallout/damage and subsequent recovery. The whole storyline is pretty fantastic, as if you took the previously mentioned potato chip and dipped it in Brett L’s famous meth “clam” dip. I’ve just started and kind of stalled out on The Expanse. I might be about a chapter or two into Leviathan Wakes, but I should have a lot of time next week to read, if I’ll just use that time to read, of course.