It’s back.

Apparently the NBA All-Star Game And Kamalafest was last night…couldn’t give a shit. The wheels have come off on Merseyside. ManUre tightened the top of the table. And baseball spring training is clipping right along, sometimes with fans even. And that’s sports.


Birthdays of note are pirate lady Anne Bonny, boob job pioneer Karl Ferdinand von Graefe, SC justice and jackass Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, magazine founder Elmer Keith, actor Alan Hale Jr, infielder Dick Allen, HOFer Jim Rice, acting great James Van Der Beek, wide receiver Hines Ward, and tattoo aficionado Kat Von D.

That’s it.Now on to…the links!

Gonna get messy

The circus is coming! The circus is coming! That is going to be an absolute mess. Especially once the names and addresses of jurors get leaked…which I am certain will happen.

Well, this is a bummer, albeit an expected one. But hey, college men accused of wrongdoing at least enjoyed due process for a couple years, right?

Hey dickhead, read Article 1, Section 4 of the Constitution. Of course they don’t give a shit. Especially when, according to Biden, minorities are not smart enough to get on the internet. And team blue must have their votes.

It’s a hard-knock life for us! These two are the best scammers in the world. I gotta respect the con. Although I don’t respect any man who is that emasculated, so I guess that means I respect her.  I may need to rethink this.

Coming soon in a Biden world

Looks like Biden is hoping to bring segregation back in style. Pretty soon, they’ll set up separate seating areas on buses by race. And maybe separate eating areas in cafeterias. Then we’ll start seeing some progress in this country. ::SMDH::

Ooh, I know where this isn’t as prevalent: in places where kids are actually back in school because the teachers unions aren’t holding them hostage.

This is what happens when your school sucks at sports. At real schools, these things only happen after championships or victories over rivals. Which is why Ann Arbor is so safe on weekend nights.

I can assure you this list isn’t even close to accurate. But if it makes people feel good, so be it.

Let’s start the day off rocking. Hope you enjoy it.

Now get out there and have a great one, friends!