On the way to the draft watch party

A lot happened this week. The UCL semifinals are set, the Europa League got cut in half as well. And baseball is in full swing.  Hockey is heating up.  So what is the entire front page of ESPN about? The freaking WNBA draft. Which, if we’re being honest here, should be sponsored by Subaru and brunch. Because that’s their entire fanbase (of thousands)! Anyway, I guess I chose a rant instead of sports.  Which I’m wont to do.

Textbook form

Aviation pioneer (and Buckeye) Wilbur Wright was born on this day. The low-flying Daytonian shares it with comedic acting legend Charlie Chaplin, HOF outfielder Paul Waner, Flemish historian Herman Uyttersprot, actor Spike Milligan, composer Henry Mancini, the pope who quit his job Benedict XVI, defensive back Dick “Night Train” Lane, “The Polish Prince” Bobby Vinton, singer Dusty Springfield, cager Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, football coach Bill Belichick, comedian Martin Lawrence, Mexican singer Selena, and red pilled MMA fighter Gina Carano.

Quality list right there.  And now on to…the links!

Congratulations! I guess. Oh wait, nobody fucking cares. At least they shouldn’t in a civilized world where one should seek out the best possible employees, not specifically ones with certain bits hanging (or not hanging) between their legs. They need to focus more on a consistent strike zone than this dumbassery.

No, I don’t believe I will.

This bullshit doesn’t work anymore. Well, not here anyway.  Enjoy your repackaged lockdowns, Michiganders and New Yaaawkers. I’m gonna be out on a jet ski this afternoon.

Welp, we’re getting close now. The riots are a mere days away.  Any of you Glibs  up that direction want a place to stay and wait it out? We got room here in Texas. And the aforementioned jet skis.

I kept waiting for the punchline but it never came. I think this dude is serious. Which makes it even better than satire.

Coming soon. Oh wait, it’s always been this way.

This is pretty shitty. I mean, it’s their right, I suppose. And it’s also my right to criticize it.  I guess they’re afraid people will see the leadership of the group they so ardently support is a grifter extraordinaire.

Wait, this is just now happening? Why the fuck haven’t parents burned down every school in the city by now? Also, I get a kick out of the “tentative deal” to have people do 40% of their actual job the taxpayers are still footing the bill for.  Here’s how you negotiate with these terrorists (and I don’t use that word lightly): “get back to work, in full, tomorrow or pack your shit because you’re all fired.” That’s it. That’s the negotiation.  Force them to sue you and explain in front of all the parents why they think they have a right to continue getting paid to sit at home and fuck off.

Every single person in this story except one is an asshole. And he’s generally an asshole as well, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t ask a legitimate question, that Americans deserve to know the answer to, as a part of congressional oversight.

Man, this would be awesome! But it will probably never happen.  Shit, we still have some dry counties. In the 21st century!

Here. Enjoy a redneck song. That’s what the songwriter called it. Anyway, it’s just a lovely tune.

Now get out there and have a great day and an even better weekend, friends!