I have been writing this column for over a year and realized we have never covered how many types of fitness there are.  Shockingly, the government has pretty well categorized it.  Hilariously, the government has this aimed at older folk.  Take a good look at all the kids shut inside due to lockdowns.  It ain’t their grandparents who need the exercise.

For those who can’t be bothered to click the link, the categories are:

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Balance
4. Flexibility

I’m not convinced flexibility is a form of fitness.  When I think of fitness it is being in motion. But I’ll definitely say flexibility aids any athletic pursuit and helps prevent injury.

I think every regular commenter has shared what they do for fitness.  How many of you have considered, much less done something, about the categories your main mode of exercise doesn’t cover?  I’ll start you off.  I run and jump rope for endurance.  I go to the gym for strength training. I stretch after conditioning workouts and sporadically in the evening on my lifting days.  I really should be better about it.

I don’t do a thing for balance and am starting to wonder if I should.  Maybe get a wobble board or something like that.  I’m curious what any of you do to work on balance.  


California’s covid numbers are way down and staying down.  Our absolute numbers are a fraction of Michigan’s.  When I think how mismanaged this state is, I can’t even imagine what Whitmer has done to screw up her state worse than California.

The past two weeks I have said the plandemic is over in California due to our numbers falling off a cliff.  This week Newsom made it official. I guess the answer to my question about how he would milk it is by drawing this out to June 15th instead of just opening up a la Texas.

I received an email from Sir Digby this week.  He says hello and wants everyone to know he is alive and well. This week’s music choice is for Sir Digby.