“Oh my gawd, look at Eliot Page, so hot,” Seresto said. The walls were sweating in the concrete box that was their workroom

“So, so hot,” Kaylieburrow said. “I’d let him coom in my hair.”

“Coom?” Seresto said absently.

“Coom. Did you read this month’s issue of Teen Vogue?”

“Whatever, it’s still gross.”

“Don’t yuk my yum, bitch,” Kaylieburrow laughed and poked the other girl with her elbow.

“Do your abs look like this?” Seresto asked Asterix and then grabbed at her blouse, trying to pull it up.

“Do you have those sexy pecs?” Kaylieburrow asked, pawing at Astrix’s bound breasts.

“Stop touching me,” Asterix said, defensively covered her chest and stomach. “I’m not on hormones and I’m not going to have a double mastectomy.” She ran her hand over the stubble she had left on her head and sighed.

“Should we retweet this on Kammy’s account?” Kaylieborrow asked, waving the Eliot Page pic on her phone.

“We better check with her,” Seresto said, “She’s not usually a fan of skinny white boys.”

“But he’s so brave,” Kaylieburrow said, pouting, a little blood on the edge of her mouth.

“Thirsty bitch,” Seresto said.

“I need to go outside,” Asterix said, standing abruptly, “I need fresh air and sunlight, I need green grass and blue sky.”

“So you need that Vitamin D?” Seresto asked maliciously.

“Yeah, you need that D?” Kaylieburrow asked, her laugh like cardboard tearing, Seresto joining her in a horsey guffaw.

“I didn’t even know you were gay,” Seresto said. “We could have thrown you a coming-out party.”

“And a gender-reveal party!” Kaylieburrow squealed. “BOOM!”

“Gay guys are so hot,” Seresto said.

“So hot,” Kaylieburrow agreed and shivered.

“I want to marry a gay guy,” Seresto said.

“A gay guy would make the best husband,” Kaylieburrow said dreamily.

“We should go to a gay bar this weekend,” Seresto said eagerly.

“Only bi guys ever hit on me,” Kaylieburrow said, cranking her pout and petulance.

“A bi guy is only half gay, so, like, would only be a half-good husband,” Seresto said wisely. “Might a well marry a straight guy for all that.”

“No, thank you. Straight guys are the worst. Unless they used to be women, at least.”

Asterix, still standing, felt inside like she was falling like she could see the ground rushing toward her; she swayed and barely caught herself from falling over.

“Eat some lunch, you skinny bitch,” Seresto said, not looking up from her phone.

“What if he’s anorexic?” Kaylieburrow asked excitedly. “Insta would go crazy for an ana trans masc they/themder!”

Seresto took a series of pictures quick of Asterix in them’s sway–half-lidded eyes, skinny limbs, sallow and weak.

“Profile pic!” the girls crowed.