Not a lot going on around here.  Other than the timer for my pool pump is no longer working as designed.  I might try to press my luck and change the contacts that are supposed to flip it off, but I assume I need to replace it.


“Perdóname, Chinos”

Anyways, back for what you’re really here for:  Mexican links!

Well yes, thats pretty much the norm for any product or service in high demand in Latin America.  Lucky for Sen, Guzmán, Peru was willing to use the Army to enforce the lockdown, so there’s no chance they’ll get sick and die.

What? Why?  The US is your biggest trading partner.  What a bitch.

Maybe they wouldn’t have to worry about it if the rest of the world didn’t lose their shit over say, building a dam.  Then again

If they are smart, countries might want to consider easing immigration restrictions on Chilean ex-pats.

So you’re saying, women in an hyper-masculine culture, can somehow succeed?


Not quite the British anarchist band I was hoping for, but still a decent tune.