Of all the misplaced outrage I encounter online, the anger at wealthy people (usually libtards) who complain about issues that effect poor people is the most perplexing. “Fuck him for expressing concerns about injustices that he never faced”, is a really shitty take.

Why do musicians put Persian rugs on stages and in studios when they play or record, I imagine they help with sound dampening of some sort, but why Persian rugs? and they are always the same style Persian rug as well.

Freedom of association is just as important as freedom of speech.

I always mention The Beach Boys when the topic of horrible, horrible music comes up, but The Grateful Dead are even worse. Luckily I so rarely hear any Dead music that I forget how bad they are.

White, Christian, Male, Rednecks whinging about being the only group that still gets made fun of and no one whinges about it, is in fact whinging about it.

Most people don’t swap tiles as often as they should when playing Scrabble.

I like it when an author has one of his characters reading another author’s book in the story. it’s similar to discovering ‘new’ music when a musician you like does a cover song of an artist you’ve never heard of.

The only problem I have with Twitter is when you reach the end of a thread and there’s a warning that the rest of the replies might be offensive so you have to click a special box to see them….and then there is nothing offensive about any of the comments.

There is no way to explain what it means to say about someone that “at least he loves America” without either begging the question or relying on circular reasoning or ‘no true-Scotsmaning-ing’, It’s the epitome of empty platitudes.

Luck is simply being on the right side of probability more often than not.

Calling an artist, musician, writer, actress or anyone else in a field where the valuation of ones work is completely subjective, either overrated or underrated is as meaningless as the “he loves America” thing.

Giardiniera vegetables ranked – 1. Cauliflower, 2. Carrots, 3. Pepperoncini, 4. Red Peppers, 5-X. Any other veggie,  X. Celery.