SugarFree [13:29pm] [13:30pm]
That sounds horrible and I want to try it

SugarFree [14:20pm]
That’s why I bought it. I have to know. [15:31pm]
How is that knowledge on your tongue

SugarFree [15:46pm]
I haven’t tried it yet. I was going to cushion the blow by getting very high first. [16:06pm]
won’t that create bad results? shouldn’t you have a box, get high and have another box?

SugarFree [16:21pm]
Who would east this any other time that really high? High risk, high reward. I figure it will be delicious or I will just drop dead. [16:22pm]
schrodinger’s snack

Riven [17:50pm]
I would totally try that mac and cheese

SugarFree [19:09pm]
I will admit it is an alarming color, angry even. The smell is OK. Needs a sturdier pasta. Even cooking to al dente shredded some of it.

SugarFree [19:11pm]

Plated it looks worse. (I added ground beef to get some protein.) Edie smelled it, looked at me in cat-dismay, and stalked off.

SugarFree [19:12pm]
And it splashed going into the bowl. Not sure I’ve seen that before in a box mac and cheese. OK, going in.

Heroic Mulatto [19:14pm]

SugarFree [19:18pm]
Coated in “cheese” dust and the aggressively red dye, the noodles become, I guess I’ll call it rubbery. And no longer have the mouthfeel of normal kinds of pasta. Almost as if they were made from a non-wheat substance.

SugarFree [19:19pm]
Otherwise, yeah, Flaming Hot Cheeto flavor.

SugarFree [19:20pm]
It seems to take on a sourness as it cool. Disturbing.

SugarFree [19:21pm]
Yet when complete cool, seems to have no flavor whatsoever.

SugarFree [19:22pm]

SugarFree [19:22pm]
I did eat it all.

SugarFree [19:23pm]
Reserving half for a reheating review tomorrow. That’s all until it spends the night in the fridge.

SugarFree [19:24pm]
I’m worried that the bowl may not come clean, stained forever like my feeble soul.

Heroic Mulatto [19:24pm]

SugarFree [19:25pm]
Because I am curious about the unnatural in our natural world. I am a scientist.

Heroic Mulatto [19:26pm]
That was a cri du coeur of existential angst.

SugarFree [19:26pm]
I am but a recording angel.

Heroic Mulatto [19:29pm]
And Zoomer reactionaries are hysterically afraid of a future in which they must eat bugs.

Heroic Mulatto [20:39pm]
The empty bowl actually looks like you cleaned vomit out of it.

SugarFree [20:40 pm]
Or sneezed with a bloody nose.

Heroic Mulatto [20:41pm]
Or bloody poop

SugarFree [20:42pm]
Bright red blood poop is nowhere near as bad a black blood poop (also known as “occult blood.”) [20:54pm]
There’s a bright blue ice cream called cookie monster and I ate two scoops of it and a few days later thought that my colon had a horrifying algal infection

SugarFree [21:10pm]
My stomach hurts. [21:11pm]
probably for the best [21:19pm]
imagine having done that to yourself and there NOT being consequences

SugarFree [21:21pm]
Yeah. I might begin to believe myself some variety of god. [21:21pm]
SugarFree of the iron belly

SugarFree [21:36pm]
This is not good. There is a hollow place in me now.

SugarFree [21:57pm]
My tongue hurts. It hurt before I began this journey, but I can’t decide if it is the same level of hurt or even the same type of pain. I am pretty darn high. Juicy sort of high. Very nice. Very thirsty.

SugarFree [23:40pm]
My condition has stabilized. Going to try to go to bed. [23:41pm]
Good luck

SugarFree [04:47am]
I live. I am bloated and have a headache. I’m going to consume a liter of water and attempt to sleep further.

Swiss Servator, [08:47am]
Hope that worked!

SugarFree [25.04.21 10:26pm]
Unsettled sleep. But nothing unusual. I don’t think I’m going to eat the leftovers.

Heroic Mulatto [12:20am]
This study needs to be published; medical science needs to know this.