I’m just kidding.  But what does grind my gears is I got this shit in the mail.  Seriously, I didn’t order a print magazine.  I don’t recall showing any interest 8n Sports, or sports illustrated.  I sure as shit didnt show any indication to anyone that I give two shits about women’s basketball.

Thats some kick ass marketing though.  Tell everyone the shitty product isnt wrong, its YOU thats wrong for not liking their shitty product.


Its late.  Which one of you ass clowns wants some links?

They went from one bullshit story to another, am I suppsoed to be outraged by this?

A delightful, artistic display of trash.

If you call the cops for that, you deserve to get shot.

Sometimes I get the feeling if there weren’t any handouts, these guys would fail at a respectable grift.  Like Tony Robbins.

Stealth. Edit.

Holy shit, what a scumbucket.

Wait, they can build them but not buy them?  This is the screwiest way a government has ever told people to stick it up their ass.

Now go forth and do…whatever it is…you do.