You just can’t get rid of me. I do weekends, but suddenly, here I am during the week- again. Yes, and still doing shitty birthday jokes, posting music that is lost on everyone, and making cynical comments. OK, the cynical comments seem to fit into this cultural milieu.

Birthdays today include a guy who was creative but not a singer; a physicist who had his own ideas about relativity; a cartoonist whose portraiture is… classic; a guy whose roster of PhD students pretty much defined modern physics; a famous hatchet man; a now-dead warmonger; a guy who may have accidentally impregnated a hat; an impish fellow who was a real cut-up; the first female senator from South Carolina; an actor whose presence in a film is a slam-dunk guarantee that it will suck; proof that Amish chicks have amazing breasts; proof that fucking your way to the top is a viable strategy; and the star of the best cartoon show ever made.

Now we return to Links.


Cough, cough, CIA, cough, cough.


Look, good on you for getting out, but don’t make stupid predictions like this.


California, please don’t ever change.


Virus? We surrender!


It’s always a delight to read real scientists talking about climate.


Apartheid. But a beautiful example of how propaganda has perfectly reversed the roles.


Old Guy Music is a sad one for me: I found out that Rick Laird died last weekend. Here’s a brilliant performance, his usual non-flashy but absolutely perfect playing.