Another Saturday, another road trip, the plan was lunch at North channel brewery then south to drop N1 at College in Big rapids MI, then after Sister dragging ass, I was told to bring my camera, we are going north, to Frankfort, home of Stormcloud brewery, Yippee!

 Up M31, which is faster relatively, Frankfort approaches, and we land at Stormcloud, there was a 20 minute wait, We didn’t mind at all, business was booming! Sister and N1 had never been, so they tried some other dishes,

The House

Fowl weather Sandwich

The Rachel


I started with a light ale, Rainmaker, as we ordered some Brat bites and pondered the menu, Sister is a light drinker so she ordered a Weathered and hard cider, quite pleasant,

Weathered Hard Cider

I perused the Beer menu and found the Lakeshore Ale Project, Sour edition, Sours? Done deal, I bought day 8,

Day 8 Sour Ale

the sour looks like this,

The Sour

after some Glamour shots we set off to our goal, the Lighthouse,


My Sister and N1

Oh yeah, this was about lighthouses, let’s see, ah , here’s one,

Frankfort Lighthouse


But wait, there’s more!



Happy people

Through the looking glass

Arcadia Bluffs

Pretty big place

Michigan, the food is great, the people are wonderful and the beer is good, this year is bagging lighthouses and golf courses and breweries, wish me luck!

I shoot with a Kodak AZ 421, not a badass camera, but better than a phone, I don’t use filters, the ambient like is more than good, you just need to learn how to use it, and let the natural light be your friend, til next time,