Has he blamed Trump for the loss yet?

The US Men’s basketball team completely shit the bed at the end of the game and lost to France.  I watched the last quarter and saw them run up a comfy lead with three minutes left and then proceed to chuck up three after three after three with guys open in the post.  Nice coaching, Popovich, you fucking idiot.  We’re racking up medals in swimming.  Beach volleyball is also looking pretty good. And if you’ve never watched rugby sevens, find the olympic  stuff and take a look. It’s been pretty fun so far, especially the end of the US match against Kenya. And in non-olympic sports news, this is absolutely freaking hilarious. I see a sweet payout coming to someone soon. And that’s sports.

Beckinsale getting a bit chilly.

Big birthdays today are insurrectionists Horatio Gates and George Clinton, playwright George Bernard Shaw, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, prophetic author Aldous Huxley, comedienne Gracie Allen, knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm, directing great Stanley Kubrick, rocker Mick Jagger, the lovely Helen Mirren, Queen’s Roger Taylor, ice skater Dorothy Hamill, weird dude Kevin Spacey, infielder Jody Reed, actress Sandra Bullock, action flick dude Jason Statham, and sexpot Kate Beckinsale.

That’s a decent list . Now let’s move on to…the links!

::reads headline:: Oh noes!!!! Whatever will people do?  ::reads story:: Wait, the headline doesn’t really match what was written. Nice work, CNN. You presented two huge disappointments (to the right) as the worst thing since slavery.

Worse than fog.

Damn, this is awful. I’ve accidentally driven through a sandstorm once. It was a very small one and for thirty or so seconds, I was absolutely terrified and blind to what was around me.  Be careful, people.

Gee, what took people so long to come around? Maybe someone will ask Psaki and she can circle back to them about how completely fucked up everything is becoming.

The media is not trying to create a narrativeNopeSuggesting that they do insults journalists hard work. Fucking scumbags.

I feel bad for these people. And I’d very much like to see them defend themselves. But I don’t want to see us ever go back again.

Well, they should be. Also, do none of the people involved in lawmaking realize the solution is to simply stop making so many things illegal and to stop harassing people for minor shit and focus on actual crimes with actual victims?

Don’t drink the water. Or anything else that you’re not in complete control of from the time the bottle is opened.

This woman is dumber than shit.

Everything she touches turns to shit. So maybe its not misogyny, homophobia, or racism.  Maybe she’s just an idiot, right?

Don’t ever apologize. Besides, they were all accurate.

I might have to take exception with the billionaire here. Lazy people take shortcuts, they don’t find an easier way to do things. At least that’s been my experience the last 30 or so years.But I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Here’s a solid, underplayed track. It starts slow, but gets rolling nicely.  Enjoy it.

Now get out there and have a great start to the week, friends!