Everything changed when the fire nation attacked

I want to believe

Jaws! (But international-like)

“According to Variety, Venom 2 has been delayed because Hollywood is once again grappling with the pandemic as a delta variant surge sweeps the country.”

“Merge Mansion, like Lily’s Garden before it, is a simple mobile game, this time about cleaning a giant house.”

“In the blog post, Lim also explained why he felt compelled to take on the adaptation, and the hesitation he felt on translating something as cherished as Avatar: The Last Airbender into live action, which did not go well in the past.”

“Everyday Americans are living paycheck to paycheck because of the sharp rise in costs due to inflation, but my colleagues on the other side want to subsidize luxury vehicles only the rich can afford using money from hardworking taxpayers. My amendment would put a stop to that.”

We are throwing it back today, like most days.