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I caused a bit of a stir at work as one of my supervisors (I split between two functional units) was unaware that if you make a joke around me about sending coffee via Uber I might be inclined to do so.  She was at a VAMC on account of a relative and complained the coffee house they set up was closed.  If its anything like the one in Phoenix it is located next to the elevators in between the busiest walkways in the hospital.

30 mins later I get a text:  “OMG you can get coffee from Uber now?”


The USMNT beat their arch-rivals…yes I suppose that actually does describe it..Mexico in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final.  1-0.  USWNT hardest hit.

A referendum in Mexico to pursue an investigation on previous administrations won overwhelmingly.  Nothing will happen because Mexico requires a minimum 40% turnout to make such a vote legally binding.  After seeing AMLO sent aid to Cuba, take the L.

No big deal, its happy time in Mexico now.

It appears they learned their lesson from President Harris’ holiday in Guatemala.

Biden talks, I mean, talks tough.  Talks tough about, you know those guys.

I don’t know who this guy is.

So if he lives in AZ, but is eligible to compete for another country in the Olympics, but anticipated a lot of issues returning to the country in order to compete in the Olympics.

“Even though my roots started in Guatemala in some ways I feel as American as anybody else who was born here,”

…look I’d probably have more sympathy if he tried to compete as an American, but he didn’t.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was going to pick Slipknot, but I remembered how much you all LOVE Metallica.