That was fun to watch.

Even if you’re not a golf fan, yesterday afternoon was some entertaining stuff. Cantlay has ice water in his veins.  The A’s won and Astros lost, so that tightened up.  The Saints moved to Dallas to practice asIda bears down on New Orleans. Nebraska football has become a complete embarrassment under Scott Frost and it’s time for him to go. UCLA pounded Hawaii in front of fans (all four or five thousand even though they were letting in as many people as they could get in the Rose Bowl. And across the pond, Liverpool wasted an opportunity against Chelsea as they played to a draw. ManUre won, Spuds won, and Man City hilariously heat Arsenal 5-0 as the London club is officially garbage.  Oh, how I want to see them fighting and clawing to avoid relegation at the end of the season. And that’s sports.

Smooth as silk

The not-so-nice Spanish king Peter The Cruel was born on this day.  He shares it with English author Mary Shelley, the “father of nuclear physics” Ernest Rutherford, actress Shirley Booth, coonass political legend Huey Long, actor Fred MacMurray, the greatest hitter of all time Ted Williams, rent-seeking businessman Warren Buffett, guitar string guy Ernie Ball, race car driver Bruce McLaren, cartoonist Robert Crumb, baseball player Tug McGraw, comedian Lewis Black, basketball great Robert “The Chief” Parish, Belorussian strongman Alexander Lukashenko, bald actor Michael Chiklis, DJ Paul Oakenfold, actress Cameron Diaz, and tennis player Andy Roddick.

And now its time for…the links!

Things continue to get worse in Afghanistan. But we told everybody to not bother coming to the airport, so there were apparently no casualties.  Well, none at the airport anyway. Not sure how many there might be of people we didn’t evacuate before our troops who are now under complete Taliban control and are quite possibly on a kill list our government gave them.

Ida, you bitch!

Hurricane Ida tore Louisiana a new asshole. They’ll be able to start assessing damage today, and I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty.

Did it ever really stop? If so, it validates Trump’s foreign policy attempts, I suppose.  Or it just speaks to the weakness vibe that Biden oozes.  Either way, it doesn’t bode well for Japan and South Korea.

Gee, who could have possibly seen this coming? Maybe anybody who had opened their eyes way before the covid thing hit.

Nice response, you fucking imbeciles. What’s doubly sad is that the “high profile” targets we were going after aren’t even high enough for our government to name.  But at lest we didn’t double-tap the rescue workers. Maybe Biden didn’t remember that strategy from when his mentor Obama was in office.

“Oh shit, it’s my nap time.”

“C’mon man, I don’t know what’s going on there” would have been more honest. Nice work on letting it slide, you media dopes.

Family Court judges have way too much power. And this particular asshole needs to go.

This is the fault of your state government, Californians. Remember that the next few times you head to the polls.

Jeez, I had no idea how much more gas costs everywhere if this is the average. Regular here is hovering around $2.50.  Although that’s about to change if there were many refineries damaged from Ida.

Here’s a solid Morrissey track you probably haven’t heard in a while. Yeah, I know some of you will cringe at just seeing that name.  Fine, here’s a song by someone else with a very similar title. Now everybody should be happy.

That’s it.  Now get out there and have a great day, friends!