You (don’t) hate to see it.

The US Men’s basketball team won their quarterfinal. Ohio State’s quarterback room just got more crowded.  Biles battles back for bronze on balance beam. The USWNT are sad they lost (unlike most people I know). The Yankees got smoked by the lowly Orioles. The Reds are right in the mix for a potential wild card spot.  The Giants are a freaking juggernaut this year. And it’s good to see some Aussies acting like proper Aussies. You know, rather than letting their government lock them up like prisoners.  Although they weren’t at home, so we’ll see how they act today. Or tomorrow, whatever day it is there in that crazy land.  And that’s sports.

On her way to prison.

Big birthdays today include: man who gave us all a lift Elisha Otis, evolutionary teacher John Scopes, crooner Tony Bennett, wrestler Haystacks Calhoun, British TV personality Terry Wogan, actor Martin Sheen, businesswoman and ex-con (which was bullshit) Martha Stewart, hockey great Marcel Dionne, comedic filmmaker John Landis, Metallica’s James Hetfield, pitcher Rod Beck, infielder Troy Glaus, quarterback Tom Brady, and swimmer Ryan Lochte.

OK, now on to…the links!

I’m thinking of giving up the CNN daily link because they’ve basically gone insane over there. Let me know in the comments if you’d rather me dump it or keep it.

The only person who died from “1/6”.

The body count from the insurrection/attempted coup/boisterous protest continues to rise. LOL, just kidding. It’s still just one. And she was killed by a cop who could have done just about anything other than pulling his trigger. But that won’t stop people (like CNN!) from reframing the narrative. Listen, people commit suicide every day. And it’s not all Trump’s fault. In fact, none of them are.

They don’t like it, they can quit. Because they’re the ones who get to determine whether they’re being harassed and can arrest people for it. And now they can sue them on top of it? I’ve got a better idea: pass a law that says people can run over anybody who starts banging on their car hood and uses a mob to block streets and terrify motorists. Or simply pass a stand your ground law and stop making handguns so hard to own and carry in that shithole state.

Man, Belarus is a shithole. No offense to Belorussians, but damn. This is pretty much soviet-level shit right now. They need to overthrow these sociopaths.

If this is successful, I’ll be purchasing a 3d printer. Actually, if this is successful, we’ve failed as a society. Because it eliminates personal responsibility altogether and allows blame to be shifted to inanimate objects. And in this day and age, I’d give it 50/50 odds of succeeding.

He gots the plague.

Lake Tahoe chipmunks have the plague. Let’s be honest: the real plague is a bit west in Sacramento. But this is pretty fucked up too.

Is that where the devil sucked out his soul? Just kidding. Pulp Fiction rules are silly. I ascribe to Bubba Ho-Tep rules, where it’s sucked out of one’s asshole. Also, that movie is underrated. The second one mentioned, not the first. That’s overrated, IMO.

Yes.  Please, please, please fight this! Not because you should prevail, but because the internet needs some fresh memes. And this will be a good place to secure them.

I hope everybody who left takes this to heart. Especially the ones who fled to Texas.  Go home, people. It’s time for you to go home.

Under the current law, this suit has merit. Also, the current law is bullshit. Also also, these people can quit if they don’t like the conditions.

Here’s a happy little song for you. Go enjoy it and get your day off to a good start, dear friends!