At least I had good seats for the pain.

Go ahead and lob your abuse my way. I can take it. Kerry Coombs has to go, though. Otherwise this could be a long season in Columbus. UT-Austin football is very much not back (as usual). And neither is USC. But at least the Steelers won (yes, I’m part of the dreaded/hated Buckeyes/Steelers fan network). Joker ran out of gas and got trucked.  Romania England has a new Grand Slam women’s champ. Lewis Hamilton almost got his head taken off…and Verstappen inexplicably gets penalized for Russia. Liverpool boat-raced Leeds but Harvey Elliott got his foot put on backwards (literally). And that’s sports.

Seems legit

Big birthdays today are novelist Daniel Defoe, (what passes for a) war hero (in Canada) Laura Secord, ballistics scientist Andrew Noble, US Army doc Walter Reed, fudgepacker Milton Hershey, general Blackjack John Pershing, the less-famous Austrian painter Arnold Schoenberg, actress Claudette Colbert, author Roald Dahl, white musician Ray Charles, “The Velvet Fog” Mel Torme, actor Richard Kiel, pitcher Rick Wise, Governor Blackface, hard rocker Dave Mustaine, outfielder Bernie Williams, spin-bowler extraordinaire Shane Warne, singer Fiona Apple, baseball player Rickie Weeks, and kraut soccer player Thomas Muller.

Right. Now it’s time for…the links!

Nobody cares.

You can always just…not buy them. I mean, come on. Isn’t most fashion derivative?  And anybody who’s buying these doesn’t give two rips about people getting offended. Because anybody buying $1200 sweatpants is in a “fuck your feelings” income bracket.

Yeah, sure. Because mudslides never happened before. Not to mention the natural landscape being upset  and inadequate retaining walls being erected couldn’t possibly be the cause of this. It has to be global warming.

Science. Or something.

Cool, cool. Well, I say that until I find out this was most-likely funded with my tax dollars.

The media are pulling out all the stops in California. I doubt it will have as much impact on the recall as who gets to count the ballots and how absentee/mail-in ballots are collected though.

Authoritarian bureaucrat supports authoritarian measure. Film at 11.

He should definitely apologize. She’s no lady.

LOL, good luck. Not only is this an unconstitutional taking, its completely retarded.

These people are right to rethink their move. In fact, I think they should all go back to California immediately. It’s really for the best.

The clown giveth. And the clown taketh away. To be honest, I didn’t even know this was a thing.

Here’s a lovely song. Hope you enjoy it.

And I hope you enjoy your Monday, dear friends.