Do you know what’s really fun to do for Halloween when you’re too old to M-80 mailboxes? Go to the grocery store, buy a big bag of apples and a box of razor blades, then watch the reactions of people around you. It’s also fun to dress as Hitler and have SP dress as Anne Frank. Anyway, it’s dress-up day at our little shop, and there was a lot of tut-tutting about what sort of costumes would and would not be acceptable. I was about to suggest a flannel shirt, heavy boots, and a Subaru key fob for one of the (I think) girls, when SP shot me a look that could bring down a Russian laser weapon satellite. I wisely shut up.

And seriously, the kids have been having a lot of fun with this for the past few days, so bless ’em. Seriously.

In other personal news, I ended up at the ER getting a brain scan after a head injury. I wanted SP to not clean up the blood so I could use this as my costume, but for whatever reason. she seemed to think that it might look too realistic and freak someone out. Fucking snowflake kids.

Speaking of kids, many people were born on this date, including a guy who inspired Scarlett Johanssen’s shittiest movie; a guy who liked (((us))) and hated Jebbies; a guy known for never taking the extremes; a piece of shit who caused suffering that we still feel today; Abbott to Mao’s Costello; a singer who understood the climate we have here; a woman who was often Triggered; a guy with a real cn-do attitude; a guy whose name wasn’t actually Kenneth; the only American to inspire a Jethro Tull song; an example of Jewish cowboys; a guy who inspired the shittiest made-for-TV-movie ever; a guy who anticipated the MyPillow; a guy with some interesting ideas but badly in need of an editor; and proof that shitty food columnists make even shittier op ed columnists.

Let’s have some links.


Let’s be honest- this is still a tax on American consumers. Gratuitous global warming excuses included.


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Our national nightmare is about to get worse.


I’m shocked, SHOCKED that a class action lawyer has latched onto a grift energetically.


It’s Backwards Day!


Careful what you eat.


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Old Guy Music today is a short one and a gimmick But so much fun!