Spent Saturday at a Bellator Fight.  I have only gone to UFC previously, and the crowd is more or less the same but ever so slightly different.  Like short shorts and tube tops different.

Yes, they was plenty of love for Brandon.


Now for some links!

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wants team Brandon to ask Trump to negotiate with Mexico on their behalf.  Good luck, I guess.

Confession:  In my earlier years, one reason I wasn’t immediately for marijuana legalization was the cartels would simply find something new to sell, illegally.  Seriously, they’re selling bootleg wood, which might be an album title.  I report, you decide.

I visited Nogales recently and they’re anticipating more traffic, so this is no surprise to me.  Between releasing COVID restrictions, and this being legal border crossings might mean this actually could be a good thing for both sides.  Then again

I’m telling ya, helicopters.

I don’t understand…If you were entertaining using volcanoes as a way to mine Bitcoin, and controlled all of it throughout the country, wouldn’t you call yourself, “Emperor of El Salvador”?


Have a tune, and a great afternoon!