An incredible game

What a crazy weekend of sports.  You had easily the best soccer game of the year with the Liverpool-Man City draw. You had Florida getting beat by Kentucky in football as well as aTm shitting the bed in a fantastic way that made me incredibly happy.  Oregon collapsed with the help of some dubious officiating. The Buckeyes got back to form against lowly Rutgers (who look TTUN to the wire last week, by the way), and the Browns won an inexplicably poorly played game while the Steelers need to consider putting Big Ben out of his misery. But the best news was that we’ve reached playoff time in MLB.  The Dodgers, after having come second in their division, will play St Louis, who also came second in their division, to see who has the right to play San Francisco, who had the best record in. the NL. Because that’s how it works. The Yankees and Red Sox will square off with the winner facing the Rays. And the other matchups will be Milwaukee-Atlanta in the NL and Houston-Chicago (AL) in the AL. Should be fun. And that’s sports.


Big birthdays today include English ruler, but not king, Richard Cromwell. He shares it with president (and Buckeye) Rutherford B Hayes, photography pioneer William Griggs, artist and sculptor Frederic Remington, writer Damon Runyon, genius actor Buster Keaton, shortstop Frankie Crosetti, baseball player Red Munger, actor Charlton Heston, football HOFer Sam Huff, writer Anne Rice, HOF infielder and manager Tony La Russa, actress and nutcase Susan Sarandon, actor Christopher Waltz, hip hop magnate Russell Simmons, actress Alicia Silverstone, antisemite Ilhan Omar, and pitcher Jared Weaver.

Right, on to…the links!

Idiot tyrant

Whatever, asshole. His comments on Christmas, ending religious exemptions, and other constitutional violations were extra hilarious.  We’re over it, dick. And you can’t change that.

OK, your point is? These were all legal moves. They weren’t hiding or shielding anything except to keep them from shit-stirrers like you.

Technically, the answer is yes. Practically, the answer is no.  Jesus, they just said mail delivery is gonna slow down and now people want them to be a bank as well? Let’s work on that primary function first, ok?

Holy shitballs! A company often prioritized its interests over that of the public? That’s incredible…said nobody ever.

“We will tell you what’s misleading,” said Twitter. As they continue to publish misleading obituaries that blame the unvaccinated for all kinds of shit they had nothing to do with.

Recording someone in a bathroom is a crime, asshole.

Is this not insurrectionist behavior? They were terrorizing her, at least according to the post-1/6 standards that have been set. Also, recording someone inside a bathroom is illegal. But I sincerely doubt anything will happen to these people.

Here come the sob stories. Meanwhile, every business has a “Now Hiring” sign in their window. I have no sympathy, except for the landlords who had a state deny their rights under contract law.

Yikes, this is bad. Hopefully they get it stopped and cleaned up soon, because this is not good at all.

This is good news. Although something tells me it’s a bit redundant with something that’s already on the market and a hell of a lot cheaper.  But what do I (or a billion Indians) know?

Here’s a masterpiece. Enjoy it.

And enjoy your Monday, dear friends!