Good morning my Glibs and Gliberinas! And what a fantastically stupendous day it always is!


‘Bombshell’ NIH letter on bat coronavirus research reveals Fauci’s big lie, professor says


He funded the research that unleashed Covid, but dog experimentation is going to take this fucker out?


One third of unemployment claims comes from CA.


Haiti Kidnappers Threaten to Kill U.S. Missionaries if Ransom Doesn’t Arrive


SCOTUS fast-tracks oral arguments for Texas fetal heartbeat law


It Sure Seems Like the DOJ Is Covering Up FBI Instigation of January 6th


Ohio Senate votes to ban gun seizures during emergencies


Fathers Begin Supervising Students at Louisiana High School and Put End to Frequent Brawls


Director relives horrific moment Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer


That’s all I got for today.  I’ll leave you with a song and move along with my day.