A lot going on these days between people that want to impose their will on others and well, the others.  This will be sort of befuddled so bear with me.

This is my review of Boss Dog Millennial Hipster IPA:

Recently, a national chain restaurant received criticism for implementing new uniforms for their wait staff that were considered by some to be a bit….revealing.

SLD:  I admit I might be in the target demographic, so naturally I didn’t find anything particularly wrong with the new uniforms.  Its pretty much how swimsuits are cut these days, even one peice.  So if Hooters wants to require their employees to do that they can.  However, they shouldn’t be terribly surprised if they find there are a few employees that are not too happy with the change.  The present shorts leave little to the imagination after all, and this change certainly will attract exactly the type of workers they are looking to attract:  women that that do not quite hate themselves as much as Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

Does this necessarily mean I would want my daughter working there?  Hell no.  Culturally speaking, its probably 1962 in my house and I’d tell her she can make better money bartending.  In the end, Hooters reversed their decision.

Given the difficulty these days in finding people that are even willing to work*, let alone for entry-level wages, this could be seen as a bit of a white pill.  Namely in that workers now have greater leverage over their employers.

We’re seeing that with workers protesting vaccine mandates.  This leaves employers stuck making difficult decisions, and some of those employers are subject to the ire of White Affluent Females (WAFs).  I guess what I am getting at, is if you are in this situation, you might have a lot more power than you think.


Wait, how did I get something from Cleveland you ask?  I had somebody smuggle it.  This is absolute hipster juice, and quite frankly it should be obvious because it says so on the goddamn can.  This is more the unfiltered, hazy type that combines elements of several hops varieties so its a bit grapefruity but not to the point where they can call it a “grapefruit IPA”.  If you’re into it you’ll like it, just try not to ruin leg day by drinking one of these as a recovery drink. Boss Dog Millennial Hipster IPA:  2.4/5


*Seriously, only click this link if you want to hate millennials.