Stop throwing meatballs!

The Red Sox are kicking the shit out of the Astros. Which makes me sad.  Tennessee won an absolute gem of a game against Buffalo last night. The Ohio State-Penn State matchup will be a night game (awesome) and I’ll be there (even better!). Arsenal had to pull some magic out of their ass to draw Crystal Palace. And the UCL gets back in action today. As are the Dodgers-Braves series.  Enjoy!

Underrated film

Big birthdays today include: the person who made the first ever movie Auguste Lumiere, cyclist and speed skater Jaap Eden, pitcher Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown, investment banker Charles Merrill, catcher Bob O’Farrell, movie producer Hal B. Wallis, Swedish wrestler Tor Johnson, actor Robert Reed, spy novelist John LeCarre, artist Peter Max, actor Michael Gambon, reggae legend Peter Tosh, Madness’s Woody Woodgate, the real deal Evander Holyfield, pitcher Tim Belcher, actor/writer Jon Favreau, and actor/animator/writer/genius Trey Parker.

Right, now on to…the links!

Sorry, folks. The racism shall continue.

Racial discrimination to remain legal. At least that’s how an honest headline would read.

What a flattering portrait of a clown. ABC should be ashamed of itself.

This will be interesting. I’m especially interested since I deal with a lot of people impacted by this.

Ban concerts. Silly hippies.

Where are they going to house them?

This isn’t gonna go over very well. At least I don’t think it will. We’ll see.

Stop paying attention to these people! Shit, I paid attention by posting this.  Well, make fun of them then. Then stop paying attention.

This is about to come to a head. And I, for one, can’t wait.

Thanks a lot, global warming. Oh wait, this is yet again due to poor power line management by the state-imposed monopoly.

Some important stuff is about to be decided in Texas. By Texans, no less! A couple of them are actually important. Some are stupid.

Here’s a fantastic song. I still can’t understand the few of you who said this isn’t a great band, politics notwithstanding. Enjoy it.

Now get out there and have a great day, friends!