A barefoot hobo

I’ll merely mention here that there’s a lot of good football on this weekend. And very little of it will come from the NFL slate. But more on that tomorrow.  The whole Covid toe thing from Aaron Rodgers was a quality troll of the WSJ. And the FS1 basketball coverage needs work. That game last night was unwatchable bad…and not just because Ohio State kept turning it over and the officials called way too many fouls. Get it together!

An abbreviated list of big birthdays today with just the heavyweights: Dutch privateer Piet Heyn, automaker Karl Benz, Pope John XXIII, “old time hockey” great Eddie Shore, baseball great Joe DiMaggio, Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet, and the best receiver of all-time Cris Carter.


OK, on to (an abbreviated version of) … the links!

You’re almost there, guys. But something tells me you’re not gonna take the next logical step and admit this takes man mostly out of the equation. So let’s read on:

“We’re talking about the early 1900s, and by then we’ve already been supercharging the atmosphere with carbon dioxide,” he said. “It is possible that the Arctic Ocean is more sensitive to greenhouse gases than previously thought. This will require more research, of course, because we don’t have a solid grip on the actual mechanisms behind this early Atlantification.”

::sigh:: You dumb bastards.

You’re almost there, guys. But something tells me you’re not gonna take the next logical step and admit government does a shit job relative to the private sector.  So let’s read on:

Added Lazarre-White: “The only entity that can respond to the level of inequality that produces food insecurity and hunger in our country is government. No private philanthropy can do that. Certainly no independent nonprofit can do that.”

::sigh:: You dumb bastards.

Good riddance. Also, why do they keep referring to multiple people in the story by using “they” and “them”? There’s only one person being referenced.  Oh yeah, that’s because words no longer have meanings.

Yikes. I wonder if he’ll still get a mental health pension after he beats the rap.

Whiny asshole

LeBitch. This dumbass becomes more unlikeable every day.

Who names a kid “Pip”? Also, not every day should be “bring your kids to work day”, lady. And government shouldn’t be setting financial policies for private companies.

“Government says red light while man is still moving”. Christ, what a fucked up place.

Doing some music to give thanks today. This one is for Banjos. And this is for you guys. And this song is just so beautiful it needed to be played. Hope you enjoy them.

And I hope you all enjoy this Thanksgiving Day.  May the blessings of friends and family bring you all joy.