It would appear they finally copped to what we already knew.  We’re reliving the 1970’s.  Except I can’t buy a muscle car, because I don’t want to pay the gas hog tax, and that Charlottesville guy ruined it for everyone.

This is my review of Geaghan Brother Brewing Smiling Irish Bastard:

Earlier this week the Dept. of Labor released CPI data for October 2021 indicating a 6.2% rise relative to October 2020.  The cynic in me immediately went to conspiracy mode and pointed out that is only the rate of inflation they are willing to acknowledge.

The fun part of this whole thing is how the narrative went from

“I read about it in Time Magazine”

Where they really get insulting was this article in Time Magazine that blames consumers for the current state of affairs:

But the supply chain is also broken because of the sheer volume of stuff that Americans are buying, especially online. To keep up with demand for two-day shipping, companies like Amazon and Walmart have built warehouses around the country, and are importing even more containers of goods to fill them. These warehouses are getting a lot more action now that even the most reluctant online shopper was pushed to embrace e-commerce during the pandemic to comply with shelter in place orders.

“Americans have become singularly impatient consumers, unlike their peers in much of the rest of the world,” says Jock O’Connell, international trade advisor at Beacon Economics. “We have much more inventory in this country than we would need if Jeff Bezos hadn’t convinced us we could have our stuff delivered tomorrow.”

There was also this hot take from a garden gnome pretending to know what he is talking about. (TW:  Robert Reich)  If in doubt blame capitalism, or at the very least capitalists.  At least they no longer inundate everyone with obvious propaganda videos anymore like this one here  from 1933 extolling the virtues of inflation.  Its cool, they just saw the cost of living deviated the opposite direction of the Dollar’s purchasing power and flooded the market with money so that it evens out.  Everyone wins!

The only reasonable response is mockery because if they were winning, the propaganda would not be necessary.


How did I get beer from Maine?  I went there in July and smuggled it.  Really nice part of the country but everyone there had that new LGBTQ+ flag in their yard.  This is pretty standard American Pale Ale.  That’s not exactly a bad thing but it is a bit of a throwback to a much simpler time…2005.  Is it as good as say, Dead Guy Ale?  No, but its good in its own right.  6.0% abv; 45 IBU. Geaghan Brother Brewing Smiling Irish Bastard: 3.6/5