Tales From The Woke: The University sent out a tut-tut email to all students, responding to “reports” of people carrying hunting weapons on campus and firing shots from time to time. They wanted to remind students that possession of weapons on campus or any hunting activity is prohibited, despite rumors that they were encouraging on-campus hunting of antlered rats and MAGA-hat-wearing townies. Unfortunately, my weapon is my rapier wit, which I cannot leave behind. I will leave you to determine the probability of people walking around an Oberlin-like campus with rifles. Perhaps the same probability as the reported band of Klansmen that caused the panic a few weeks ago?

Some interesting birthdays today, including a guy who should have been named Retlub; a guy who inspired Heroic Mulatto, and would be horrified at that notion; a guy who’s still dead; the inspiration for a crappy TV show; a true piece of shit whose only redeeming value was exposing John McCain as the crooked shitbag he was; a brilliant guitarist who was incapable of playing a wrong note; a guy known as a cipher expert; the guy I voted for in 1992; a guy known for a “Let’s do it!” philosophy; a true birdman; a folk hero of mine; a guy who actually out-acted John Wayne; and an actor who knows her cars.

Let’s Link before the hunters get us.


I love Progs guilting Progs.


I dunno, we’ve had plenty here so far, with more coming.


Well, that’s a pity.


Florida Man migrated north?


I wonder what the mohel could have used?


How would this story be reported if the races were reversed?


Old Guy Music today just felt… right. Is there a better country artist alive than Rodney Crowell?