Devil’s bargain


Somewhere in the Virgo cluster, the Tuyani moved in on a pre-space humanoid civilization, and began the vicious  process of dismantling all life in the local system, they say it is a very painful process,


Battle space

Kit, it’s very simple, the way we see it, we can fold your fleet right on top of them and do whatever it is you do” Was Stiv serious? Our supposed superiors? It was time for more questions.

No, it works this way, we take a few recon ships to the edge of the system, with a frigate and one of your folding ships, and take a look around, that way we know where to place our assets. Shiv looked like a deer in the headlights, to coin an old phrase.

“I am not aware of your tactics but will take your word, for now” Fair enough, make preparations for 06:00 departure tomorrow, we have one week.

Stiv, may we discuss this in my stateroom over dinner? I have many questions, “certainly” was the obvious answer, he demurred for a brief moment, then agreed, 20:00 hours.


Dinner and a lesson

This time I went all out on the stateroom decor, deep shag carpets in forest green, wood paneling straight from Earth, lava lamps and harvest gold appliances with formica countertops, what a look, but I digress.I had the boys arrive early so we could catch up before our guests arrived, and what a proper scene we made, Seamus and Rosie dressed in the finest green satin with gold filigree, as is fitting for the Conchos colors, While Bob and his rather large and busty redheaded wife were dressed in Black and silver trim, at least we looked good. Stiv arrived exactly on time, bringing quite a stunning lady with him, Wife? Concubine? I was intrigued.

 “Welcome to my ship Stiv, I hope we can accommodate you” Got a beer? Was his reply, “of course, a fine pale ale from our home world, brewed by the Lady Herself, Rosie” As he took a drink a smile came to his face, “A fine brew Rosie, my thanks”

 “Let’s get down to tactics Stiv, we need a recon of the system so we can understand orbital velocities, slingshot vectoring, and ultimate targeting, we need that recon”

Stiv spoke, “ why the stealth? Can’t you just go in and finish them? It’s a direct shot to the target, can’t you finish them at a distance?” I had Bob send over a copy of the Art of War, then Stiv understood our tactics, but not why. “Very well Kit, you will have your recon, I fear we will be discovered, and then what?”



The recon proved fruitful, a system with a gas giant comet sucker, a belt and 4 inner planets, two that were in trojan points in the goldilocks zone, that’s where we found the Tuyani. There were some life forms left but things were looking bleak, so we decided to attack at once.

The fleet arrived just outside the belt, and we set up our usual game plan with a few new tactics. As I sent the ships down below the ecliptic I got a call from Stiv, “what the hell are you doing! We never leave the plane!” and this is why they never win, it seems they forgot the third dimension when it comes to folding space, and never thought of a three dimensional attack.”relax Stiv, and watch” I gave the word and 30 seconds later the Tuyani were vaporised, Why couldn’t the Elders do it? We folded back to the Sol system and called another tedious meeting, can’t we just bask in our glory? 


The outcome

“Well done, and thank you, you have rid us of the Tuyani and we gave gained precious knowledge from you, for this we are grateful, however we do plan on leveling your system, and we are transferring your colonists to the planetary system the Tuyani just cleared out for you, be glad we are a benevolent race, you are fortunate most of our experiments have ended poorly, you are a success, Live long, fellow humans”

2 weeks later they blew up our star for scrap,

We were reborn on Virga 6,

We carry a grudge,

We will never give up,

We will never surrender.

The End