Don’t care about JAX. But I’ll always remember this.

Urban Meyer got fired last night. Now all he can do is sit around and count his money.  National (Early) Signing Day was a big day for a bunch of high school kids who are now gonna make a boatload of money. More sports games have been cancelled because to teh ohmuchronns panic. And Max Verstappen is still world champion and Lewis Hamilton is not.  And that’s sports.


Catherine of Aragon was born on this day. She shares it with early Methodist leader George Whitefield, second-best composer of all time Ludwig van Beethoven, novelist Jane Austen, cricket legend Sir Jack Hobbs, anthropologist Margaret Mead, sci-fi writer Arthur C Clark, civil rights activist Jimmie Lee Jackson, guitar great Billy Gibbons, comedian Bill Hicks, baseball (card) legend Billy Ripken, and track star Donovan Bailey.

Right, now on to…the links!

Can’t say I blame them. Who wants to work in a ridiculously regulated business that the government could shutter at any day over a ridiculous panic that isn’t dangerous to the customers? Unfortunately, I fear the proposed solution will be more of the regulation that’s killing it.

Good luck with this plan.

The French close the barn door. Unfortunately, the horse is already miles away. Oh, also, the horse isn’t really sick.

Oh shit, this is terrible. I’ll believe its real when I see all those celebs and politicians with oceanfront property rushing to put them on the market.

This seems a bit excessive. I would think differently if the money wasn’t coming from taxpayers but instead came from the police pension fund.  Also, literally nobody involved with this will face financial hardship or a job loss/reduction in pension/any substantive consequence. And therein lies the problem.

Trade places, guys. Or trade shirts. Either way works.

I’ve got some advice for this guy: shut the fuck up. You already look like an asshole. Stop digging the hole deeper.

Good for him. I’ll be super-happy if Sony puts it all in a vault and never authorizes any of it to be played ever again. I also want to see if he gives it all away or strokes a fat check to the government, since he’s so fond of railing against rich people hoarding money.

This is gonna be horrible! Pizza (and deep dish, which is a casserole) fans hardest hit.

“That springs from I don’t know where”. Grab a mirror, asshole. Because you are a big part of the cause of this shit.

What “the right to a zealous defense” goes too far. I fear this is going to taint the jury pool, and not in a way that works out well for him.

Gotta love the classics. I still remember trying to sing the lyrics…like everybody else my age…and basically mumbling. Enjoy it.

And enjoy this wonderful Thursday, friends!