Last week I went on vacation with my family.  A couple items you may find of interest:

  • The new Star Wars rides at Disneyland are actually really awesome
  • The new Star Wars rides at Disneyland clearly cost a fortune
  • Disney’s current nickel and dime structure is incredibly annoying and will lead anyone thinking its a good thing Milton Friedman ain’t in charge no more, to conclude it is nothing more than corporate greed.
  • They did not, in fact, put a mask on all the puppets in the Its a Small World ride.

Also… I came back from CA with COVID and have spent my remaining days listening to the Bible on tape as read by Larry King.  Let it be known that didn’t stop me from delivering the links.


Having traveled to both countries, the difference between haggling in Mexico vs. haggling in Haiti is Mexicans actually have possessions.

¿Que es eso? Dos kilos de pura. Pagarme con Chivo.

Mexico once again offers asylum to Assange.

Who here kept saying to stay off the damn cruise ships?

El Salvador naval vessel nabs a submarine carrying over 4 tons of cocaine.  President Bukele claims the bust is worth 2256.18225852 Bitcoin, and insists its value will continue to increase over the new year.  Yes I was purposely vague in referring to both cocaine and Bitcoin.

Half the country is a rainforest but the rain is unprecedented.

Bolsonaro needs to stop eating at Chipotle.  Elsewhere in Brazil, they tried physically beating up the mayor for imposing COVID restrictions.

Here’s a whimsical tune.