I got up really late this morning, so I’m gonna make this quick.


What a great sports weekend. The NFL playoff teams are all but set, with the Raiders and Chargers set to play an elimination game next week. Antonio Brown had an amazing sideline meltdown. The college bowl slate was a blast, with the Rose Bowl being the most schizophrenic game I can remember seeing in some time. And across the pond, the EPL is all but done for the year as Man City take a commanding lead.  And lastly, here’s a bizarre mix of soccer fan stupidity and irrational understanding of risk. Crazy ass people. And that’s sports, so here are…the links!

CNN with some earth-shattering stuff. (enter eyeroll emoji here) Are these places really segregated, or are people just choosing to live in communities where they feel more comfortable or where they’ve historically lived?

Normally I wouldn’t care, but…

Hypocrisy or gotcha journalism? A little bit of column A a little bit of column B.

That’ll teach him! Oh wait, it won’t do shit.

Somebody’s about to start the year off right. Except for the part that’s stolen by the government, it’s gonna be awesome.

I believe part of this. And I’m sure you can guess which part I don’t believe.

And stay out! We don’t want you here. (I’m kidding, obviously.)

Hope you like my first music choice of the year. I know I will.

Now get out there and have a great first weekday of the year, friends!