With Spud here, the usual high consumption of wine steps up a couple notches. We used to be able to handle this. Now… it handles us. Nonetheless, as much as everyone is bitching and moaning about 2021, it was actually a pretty good year for us. And I hope for at least some of you. Yeah, the morons were morons, the mendacious were mendacious, the power-hungry clawed their way to more power. But as we’d say in Hebrew, “Ma nishtana hashana hazeh mikol ha shanim?” So we just keep our concern local.

Speaking of which, a point of light in the Proggie morass: A small group of people came into our shop for coffees. All fully masked, some with doubles and face shields. They began harassing WebDom about her lack of face diaper.

“Why aren’t you wearing a mask?”

“Because our policy is we don’t have to if vaccinated.”

“But you’re breathing around people’s food. You need to wear a mask so you don’t breathe on their food or drinks!”


“No response, huh? That figures. You really need to keep your breath away from people. You should go put a mask on. People like you are why this pandemic is still raging on two years later.”

*silence and coffees made*

*morons look smug, but take their coffees and stalk upstairs to our sitting area*

Our Snowflake SJW was working FOH as well, and was FURIOUS. “How dare they come into a private business and tell you what to do! They could leave! They don’t have to come here!” WebDom nearly fainted with shock. Maybe our ethos is starting to sink in. Whatever, this made our hearts very happy. And what happened next was even more amazing.

Snowflake, while leaving, told WebDom that she (Snowflake) hopes this is the worst thing that happens to her (WebDom) today and how dare they come HERE where she make the rules and tell her what to do. If she wants to make them wear a mask, fine, because it’s her shop. She makes the rules. From WebDom: “We then talked about how the government and media has been lying to everyone for years. She said if I want to start a rebellion she’ll be my lieutenant.”

Holy fuck, 2021 has been great.

Birthdays are also great, hangovers or no, and today’s include a guy who didn’t get there in time for the first law; a Jew who went to London; a guy who certainly convinced me of constitutonalism; the author of the most over-rated trilogy in science fiction history; a guy whom everybody went to; the essential Chicago politician; well, except for maybe this guy; a guy who’s just as famous for whom he fucked as well as whom he fucked over; and the inspiration for the “schwing” neologism.

Let’s get to Links.


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Old Guy Music is on Instagram rather than the usual YouTube. Bear with me and watch it. Then pick your jaw off the floor.