Once again my annual attempt to quit drinking has gone into effect.  I’m having a hard time sleeping again.

This is my review of South Norte Pan a Flores Porter:

Insomnia partially due to it getting just barely warm enough in the house but not enough to turn on the AC.  I’m not that far gone…yet.

FYTW. Dilly Dilly!

Earlier this week I found this Colbert video in my YouTube feed.  While I didn’t suffer the indignity of clicking to view his drivel, I did read the subtitles in the video preview and saw he referenced this Daily Beast article in an effort to make fun of the Trucker protest due to arrive during the SOTU.  I’ll be fair, this actually is pretty funny how nobody showed up.

Hey now, relax.  I’m going somewhere with this.

During a visit to the London a couple years ago, back when traveling was actually possible, my wife and I visited the British Library.  They had an exhibit on the Magna Carta.  I doubt that was the actual Magna Carta, lest somebody like Nicholas Cage try to steal it. The religious holiday jogged a memory of my reading at the exhibit, that shortly after signing the Magna Carta, King John sought a Papal Bull—that is a nullification.

Why would he do that?  Divine Right of Kings. The idea is authority granted unto the monarch is granted by the Will of God.  Since the Roman Catholic Church fancies itself as the corporeal manifestation of God here on Earth, such authority was granted by the Pope.  In the end, Pope Innocent III did indeed nullify the Magna Carta.

The problem is it didn’t work because the 25 Barons refused, and insisted the Magna Carta be enforced.  Simply put, they pushed back against those claiming to be authority.

When people like Colbert choose to mock political movements in this manner, one can argue it is an attempt to demoralize the movement. I only bring up the coverage of the protest at the SOTU because I found it odd they picked that day in particular when everything I have come across suggests the Freedom Convoy is due to arrive in DC this weekend.  There appears to be more than 12 heading that way.  So hopefully, by the time article this goes live, somebody will have pushed back.

But for now, I’ll take solace in the fact that if they were winning the propaganda would be unnecessary.


Unlike previous years, I am not going to review a can of Perrier.  I have several of these on hand so hopefully I don’t forget.  This one here earns yet another—

? ? ? White Girl Beer Alert ? ? ?

They probably went a bit heavy on the cinnamon that most people would like, but I didn’t find it so sweet as to be off-putting.  Chocolate malts are dark, and bitter.  This one is very much drinkable but perhaps deviates just a bit too far from the norm. South Norte Pan a Flores Porter: 3.1/5