OMWC took his van and his candy on the road this weekend. He’ll be back eventually. The arrest and ankle monitor are just a matter of time. I’m taking my two older boys the middle boy to a Cub Scouts ropes course. The oldest did something to his right quad that has him limping around comically. He is quite demonstrative about his discomfort. Anyhow, this scout pack is… not disciplined. I’m still vacillating between getting all the way involved and helping fix it or just not getting involved.

Huh. I didn’t realize that St. Pete claimed Jack Kerouac strongly enough to have a Friends of Jack Kerouac Society. But it is apparently his centennial. I might try to read Dharma Bums again.

Jesus, this sounds like more of a sausage party than your average libertarian event – A few people I spoke to didn’t want me to mention how many men there were relative to women, even though the Degen Ball had more women in attendance than the Bacon party did. … The next day, I would attend a Women in Blockchain event that was so full the organizers had to start turning people away for fear of violating the fire code; there were more female recruiters than there were job candidates there.

I remember driving by all the downed trees and shit they pushed up from Hurricane Michael in North Florida and thinking it was a fire hazard.

Good times from turn of the century Austin