You know…

…when you’re the guy that’s supposed to talk to the state, and you don’t much like the state…

…when people that should’ve got started on something weeks ago ask you to grovel to the state…

…whatever, none of these idiots were getting a Christmas card anyways.


AMLO finally achieves the infrastructure crown jewel of his presidency:  un nuevo aéropuerto. Unfortunately, it happens to be on the outskirts of Mexico City so its not convenient and the majority of flights are cargo planes, unless you are an airline under sanctions due to being from Venezuela.

Only if everyone at the nudist festival looks like this. ➡️

Brazilian courts ban Telegram for misinformation when its just favorable news to the supposed fascist, Bolsonaro.  Then their supreme court lifts the ban because this is the time of insanity.

Financial Inclusion?  Can we at least avoid the neo-Marxist lingo?

Migrants sending money home is a big part of this story in Latin America. Remittances are major sources of cash for many families – and economies – across the region. Salvadorans living outside their native land, for example, contribute some 24% of the country’s GDP – and transfers using Bitcoin or other non-national currencies are much cheaper than traditional services. Remittances in cryptocurrencies increased by 900% in 2021, according to, led by Mexicans in the U.S.


The dirty rumor (I’m not thrilled with the source) is El Presidente DubeBro’s neighbor, Honduras, is next.

Meanwhile, in the poster child for hyperinflation for the past century:

The provision, entitled “Strengthening financial resilience,” says: “To further safeguard financial stability, we are taking important steps to discourage the use of cryptocurrencies with a view to preventing money laundering, informality and disintermediation.”

The letter of intent also describes that “while commercial banks remain liquid and well-capitalized, strong bank oversight will continue, especially following the unwinding of pandemic-related regulatory forbearance.”

Argentina also plans to continue its payment digitalization process “to improve the efficiency and costs of payments systems and cash management,” according to the letter of intent.

I like having them around as an example of what never to do.


Judas titty fucking Priest