Watch out for the tiny man in the airplane behind you!

Ninja Terminator

I am on the road for the next two Thursdays as I drive to and from to Florida, the land of Brett and Freedom.  For some reason I decided to express the joy of Ninja Terminator in the form of a country and western song.  Enjoy!

By the time you read this I’ll be leavin’
As you start the movie and sit on the couch
On the couch!
Now I can’t comment as you express your feelins’
Sad Feelins’!
About Ninja Terminator you will grouch.

By the time you open your first beer
I’ll be halfway to Shreveport by then
By Then!
I can’t stop to wipe away your tears
As you watch this cinematic sin.

This movie stars a man named Richard Harrison
Who was in Nudist Colony of the Dead
Of the Dead!
That movie looks good in comparison
To tonight’s showcase of editing dread.

Godfrey Ho! Godfrey Ho!
He directed Robo Vampire too, don’t you know!
Don’t you know!
He edits together films
with a modicum of skill
And he’s responsible for tonight’s fiasco!

Thank you and goodnight!

Next week I continue posts from the road with Attack of the Mushroom People.  Thrills!  Chills!  Mushrooms!

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