Theme music:

Why is it called a catamaran instead of a bi-maran?

Why do clothing store mannequins have nipples? PLEASE TELL ME!

Why do monopolies such as power companies or cable companies have to advertise?

Why are car dealer advertisements so corny/annoying/repetitive?

Why are so many morning radio shows not funny or entertaining?

Do memory foam mattresses wish they could forget?

Do sheep have (electric) dreams of people jumping fences?

Does love at first {blank} exist?

What is the meaning of life?

If I order fast food and eat it slowly am I doing it wrong?

Why does everything in California cause cancer?

What do women really want? PLEASE TELL ME!

Am I doing this all wrong? PLEASE TELL ME!

Is this my beautiful wife?

Mien Got, what have I done?

Why do you only hear about sex dungeons?  Why not sex moats, sex ballrooms, sex turrets sex parapets?

Is this a mistake?

When will I be loved?

If smoking is so bad for you, why does it cure salmon?

Is Pink Floyd really the best rock band of this century?

Is there anybody out there?

Is this thing working?  Is thing on?