From Darryl Starbird’s National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum in Oklahoma.

To me, cars are a major component of freedom.  So I made this post to let people talk about cars and freedom, etc… Also I am including a couple of links to cars I like, and car sites I like.

  • The Autopian:  This is a brand new site! Started by authors from Jalopnik who jumped ship. David Tracy and Jason Torchinsky, specifically joined by Beau Boeckmann. And it’s great. Astounding amount of comments from people saying “Hallelujah, I don’t have to go to Jalopnik anymore!”
  • Darryl Starbird’s National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum: Darryl has an incredible history you can read about in the link.  I visited last year during the summer heat and I can say you do need to be Southern to deal with that indoor heat and humidity.  Maybe go during the fall.  Really a nice museum, out in the deep country on Darryl’s property.

If I had to get an electric vehicle, it would be for fun. In real life I need a car that goes long distances, tows, and doesn’t take long to refill. So electric is still no go for me right now. But I like these, and they would be a fun second car, should I have the money:

  • Electric Moke: They even know you might want one that looks exactly like the Prisoner Moke. A nice step up from a golf cart.
  • Giant Electric RC Vehicle:  This is a hobbyist project in that it comes with a basic engine and battery set. It could be hot rodded considerably over time. It’s a giant electric RC Grasshopper! Can’t beat that.

Some dream cars for me:

  • Dodge Ram Charger:  Damn, I love those. Give me a bordello red interior and 4×4. I can fix it if it breaks. Which it will.
  • Polaris Slingshot:  Are these awesome? Yes. Could this be a daily driver? Probably not. I was in Marble Falls, TX and saw over a dozen in the parking lot of the BlueBonnet Cafe, it was a group doing a weekend drive. That would be great.

I currently drive a Grand Cherokee L – I just traded the venerable Mighty Canyonero (a Dodge Durango) for it. Previously I had a Challenger.  What do you all like? I know we have some Ram/Dodge fans out there. Got some of those fancy Euro-peen car lovers out there too. What else? Does anyone like road trips? Diesel vs. Gasoline?  Car or Bike? It’s a new topic, let’s see if this takes off.