¡Buenos tardes!  Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend in which there were neither traffic fatalities or arrest warrants signed…in multiple states.

What?  You mean to tell me you don’t party like its New Years on Easter?  Okay…


Here are a few links!

Oh man…that may sound stupid; this is even stupider.  Protectionism is a helluva drug.

Just wait until they find out everyone in Mexico is equally racist, as it is defined here, they just like your money.

Cool discovery.  Just so we’re clear, just because White people didn’t do it, doesn’t mean it was aliens.

Holy shit, somebody still fields the Huey?  Aliens are probably helping them stay airworthy.

Oh…well…I don’t believe you.

We’ll find out soon enough.

As long as the rest of the world loses their shit every time Brazil wants to utilize the resources within the 2/3 of their country the rest of the world loses their shit over, they will always be Brazil.

Mediocre songwriting, but they make up for it with a high-quality riff.