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We thought a few of these should be shared:


We are writign on regard of infidel that thinks Office Manager Mohammad is funny.

It is not.

محاربو الإسلام الثوري  has sanctioned a bounty of 800 million American dollars for the head and heart of the infidel responsible for such an insult to The Prophet (may peace be upon his name).  Do not take this as an idol threat, as the Infidel pig-dog will be drawn and castrated in strict accordance to The Prophet’s teachings.


iFatwa From Flynt

Whatever happened to that Ken Schultz fellow?  I enjoyed reading his rants every morning during Sloopy’s mourning lynx but why did he disappear?  

[edited by Glib’s Staff for brevity]

His rants may have little to do with the article or links provided by the marvelous staff, or his constant disregard for the offer by Swiss Servator to actually make one of his rants a featured piece…

[edited by Glib’s Staff for brevity]

…but what he had to say was always short, simple, and always spot on with his assessment of current events and America’s declining culture.  I do not care for the constant bile from the commenters to his propensity to write pages of thoughts within a single paragraph, or the fact his thoughts are grammatically presented as a single sentence…

[edited by Glib’s Staff for brevity]

I simply don’t think your readership bore the intellectual fortitude for a man of ideas, such as his.


Olden B. Foldencock

My question is for Sean:  did he ever bang that crazy Asian lady?

Peanut Butter from Poughkeepsie

Я втомився від усіх поклонів Володимиру Путіну, які я продовжую знаходити на цьому веб-сайті. Ви, американці, не можете довіряти, ваша культура переможена занепадом і педофілією.

Коли ми переможемо нацистських екстремістів, які загрожують нашій Батьківщині, ви можете бути впевнені, що ми знайдемо тих, хто надає допомогу і втіху нашим ворогам і переслідує їх повністю за українським законодавством. Нехай привиди Києва будуть переслідувати вас всі дні, що залишилися…

З повагою,

Донні на Донбасі

All of you motherfuckers need Satan.

Greetings and salutations,

My wife of ten years and I recently adopted a rescue dog.  We have no children and it seemed like the humane thing to do.  Little Caesar is an adult “Boxer mix” as is the case with all Pit Bull Terriers in rescues but he is quite friendly to everyone.

Except for me.  He is apprehensive around me for reasons I cannot understand.  I adopted him after all  when he jumped on my wife at the rescue and he stuck his wet snout in my wife’s face happily slobbering all over her to the tune of her infectious laugh.

But lately he’s been doing other things that are troubling.  Recently I woke up in the middle of the night and I could see the pale LED night light in his eyes reflecting back at me.  He slowly crawled up on to the bed, and sat down beside my wife, never unlocking his eyes with mine.

We have not copulated for several months since adopting Little Caesar.  We tried once but he distracted us by licking my wife’s foot. Its such a turn off when your wife begins laughing at you in the middle of being intimate.

I see her taking him to the dog park while I am working at home and getting excited whenever she wears leggings and barefoot shoes.  She never dressed like that before we adopted Little Caesar. She even remade herself by having her blonde hair cut into a cute boyish doo. After they return she lets him take a long nap on my spot on the couch.  He rests, stretching himself across her loins while locking his melon-colored eyes on me while she watches Big Bang Theory.  He yawns and gets bored of me now, gratified by my wife scratching behind his ears.  My cat would never betray me like this.

Little Caesar is taking her away from me.  I don’t know what to do.  I went to a pawn shop and nearly purchased a .22 caliber rifle but I thought better of it when he said there was a five day waiting period. I shook myself of the feeling but it keeps coming back.

I don’t know what to do, they both ignore me now and even the pawn shop owner asked me to stop coming back to look at the rifle.

George Washington Carver


Thanks for all you do!

– Glib’s Staff