He wants competition (unlike Nadal).

The voice of reason. Basketball playoff results: don’t know/don’t care. Man City did their job to take back the top spot in the PL. ManUre officially hired their new manager (of the sinking ship). F1 is at Imola this week, so I’ll pour one out early Sunday for the late, great Ayrton Senna. And that’s pretty much it for sports.

::Shrug:: I don’t give a shit. Do a better job serving your customers.

Their possible hero?

The irony here is ironic. Will they be marched off the lands with only their possessions on their back?  Maybe they should get a US Senator to champion their cause. There’s one who knows all about Indian customs and cultures that aren’t hers by birth.

I hope this crazy shitshow lasts forever. It has to be the best entertainment out of Hollywood in years.

This was a bad idea.

However much he’s being mocked, it’s not nearly enough. I mean…this is the news media photo version of Billy Squier’s “Rock Me Tonite” video.

The pants-shitting is reaching new levels. These dumb fucks have no foresight whatsoever.

Not exactly a breath of fresh air. The next bit of drilling will be by a lawyer.

Why wasn’t this guy rotting in a prison cell?  Or rotting in the ground after being chucked in a woodchopper years ago?

I’m all for reducing crime, but not like this. This is a gross violation of their constitutional rights. And it needs to be struck down as quickly as possible.

Start your day fast. that’ll get the blood pumping. And this will ensure it stays pumping all morning. Enjoy them both.

And enjoy this lovely Thursday. I’ll enjoy it because I will end it at home after basically being gone for four days. Although a couple real NY slices last night were worth the trip to this crazy city.