I have posted on my dislike of “Twitter Journalism” before. A self referential circle jerk of lazy posting. Bah. [Editor’s note: the original link attempted to open the referenced article in Edit mode; the link has been updated to a direct link to the article.]

But what has really started to alarm me is that our very own comments sections of posts are turning into this as well. People are just slapping up a link to a Twit and maybe adding a couple of words of their own. I get it…it is easy. You find funny stuff, wit, scathing remarks, statements, news, etc.

But this site was created to be something unique…and I hate to see it become naught more than a posting board for favorite Twitter stuff and Quordle scores. OK, that last bit went too far – I like that there is yet another thing that creates a sense of community amongst us, I am just being all Abe Simpson here.

You kids and your electronical play thingies!

Twitter is a useful tool, and I wish it would remain only that. Heck, our site has a Twitter account and link. I just don’t want it to become the overarching form of communication here.

THEREFORE, I am issuing the following challenge:

For the entirety of Thursday, April 21st…no Twitter links, references or posting on the site.

Lets see if we can do this. After that, we can return to me not being your supervisor, and you not being detained.


P.S. Yes, go ahead and point to today’s SugarLinks. *sticks jaw out pugnaciously*