Should be interesting

Really not much in sports yesterday unites you’re an NBA fan.  UCL semifinals start today with the first leg of the Man City-Real Madrid matchup. That should be fun.  Liverpool-VIllareal kicks off tomorrow. And that’s pretty much it for sports.

Let’s see how long this lasts. And I’m curious yto see how many Team Blue members will decry the decision.  My guess: not very many. This is a wildly unpopular decision by Biden and it’s gonna cost them a lot of votes in the fall. The best possible outcome for them is the courts stopping it.

This would be nice.

This is, sadly, not a surprise. But you know what doesn’t help? The unnecessary third paragraph of the article that unfairly paints Israel as an aggressor and doesn’t offer much in the way of context of a specific incident.

Oh look, Biden is doing something good. Nice job, handlers.  Nice job. Focus on this instead of…anything else.

And now the fun begins. The rending of garments. The wailing and gnashing of teeth. If only we’re able to work out way up to some self-immolation, this will be fantastic.

Retarded asshole

Howard Stern continues his slide into dementia. Either that or he doesn’t care about domestic abuse.  And I mean real domestic abuse. This dude was the psychological, and occasionally physical, version of a battered spouse.

This dude’s got things figured out. I fully endorse this message.

What, did someone spot a conservative? That’s the only thing I can think that would draw the cops to Berkeley. The triggering when a red-hat shows up throws the leftist baboons into a shit-flinging rage.

This seems like a bit of an overreaction. Also, I want to know what “threats” he posted in the past. Especially anti-LGBTQRSTAI@S+ threats to the Land-O-Lakes people. Did he think the old squaw was packing a Johnson or something? I bet that part of the story is bullshit.

An early masterpiece. I love that song.  Here’s a slightly newer one that’s also fantastic. Enjoy them both.

And enjoy this lovely Tuesday, friends.