Freya starts something

And Lily finishes it. But wait!





















This week is dominated by the new moon occluding MERCURY RETROGRADE.  So, bad.  Generally bad though, nothing specific.  Except — the fact that both of them are in Taurus means that what was previously reliable will not be this week.  Sorry about that.  Annnd that’s about it.  Sometimes the skies don’t have much to say.


Freya calls in three friends! Lily battles mightily!
















But she is overcome by the fresh reinforcements.


Some really terrible draws this week.  Sorry about that.

Gemini:  Strength – Power, energy, action, courage, magnanimity, complete success and honors.

Cancer:  5 of Wands reversed –

Leo:  Knight of Coins reversed – Inertia, idleness, repose, stagnation, placidity, discouragement, carelessness.

Virgo:  Justice – Equity, rightness, probity, executive; triumph of the deserving side in law

Libra:  9 of Swords – Death, failure, miscarriage, delay, deception, disappointment, despair.

Scorpio:  The Hermit reversed – Concealment, disguise, policy, fear, unreasoned caution.

Sagittarius:  3 of Swords reversed – Mental alienation, error, loss, distraction, disorder, confusion.

Capricorn:  The Tower – Misery, distress, indigence, adversity, calamity, disgrace, deception, ruin. It is a card in particular of unforeseen catastrophe.

Aquarius:  The High Priestess reversed – Passion, moral or physical ardor, conceit, surface knowledge.

Pisces:  The Moon reversed – Instability, inconstancy, silence, lesser degrees of deception and error.

Aries:  King of Coins – Valor, realizing intelligence, business and intellectual aptitude, success in these paths.

Taurus:  4 of Coins – The surety of possessions, cleaving to that which one has, gift, legacy, inheritance.



Even though this song was in heavy rotation on the local rock station when it was released, it wasn’t until this week that I learned what it was called or what it was about.  Ozzy has Dylan-level enunciation issues.  Two things:

-I’m sad Raymond Burr didn’t live long enough to hear it.

-This is the heaviest group of Brazilians I’ve ever seen.

Bonus pic: Lily’s big(!) brother and mom napping in the car.