Things are a bit more in flux than in past, around here. Therefore, I have decided to add a bit of the “Things To Come” that we used to run on Sunday evenings to my already … sparse postings.

Tonight – Yusef brings us fire, cleansing fire…oh, wait. I mean fire related art. Don’t try this at home. Or work. Or school.

Tuesday – The Other Kevin reports on a Sled Hockey Weekend. R.J. gives us another fun “Glib Car”.

Wednesday – SugarFree…’nuff said. Zwak chimes in on how to while away the miles when driving (hint: it’s audio books).

Thursday – A new story starts up, from UCS (a 2 parter). Nephilium fills in for R.J. for movie night!

Friday – The Daily Stoic, and Tulip gives us another thing to mull over at 1900.

Weekend – Mex, Not Adahn and Chafed keep us cruising along.

Links each day. Or so we hope.


OK, enough of that. Here be the Links o’ the Day:

  • A story full of “wait…wut?”
  • Regrets….I’ve had a few.
  • Things do not go well…in Africa.
  • I am shocked, shocked to find fraud!


UPDATE: I have been reminded… The Comments are all yours.